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Free softwares for OpenVMS: mucommander
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muCommander : About

muCommander is a file manager written in Java and published under GPL. It has also the additional features of (S)FTP, NFS, SMB client and ZIP, JAR, TAR archive brower.

Thierry Uso has ported muCommander 0.8.3 on OpenVMS. Porting means pointing out some OpenVMS specifities to the developpers for minor modifications, writing a startup procedure and creating a PCSI kit.

muCommander for OpenVMS needs Java 1.5-0 or later and must be installed on an ODS5 volume. muCommander has been tested on Alpha and Itanium.

Contact : Thierry Uso

Thanks to :

Maxence Bernard (technical informations)
Nicolas Rinaudo (technical informations)

muCommander : Screenshots


SMB connection

FTP connection

Archive browser

Custom shell

muCommander : Download

ZIP archive containing the PCSI kit of muCommander 0.8.3 :


This kit is based on the official archive mucommander-0_8_3-portable.tar.gz with some parts from the nightly build.

muCommander : Installation

1. Extract the PCSI kit from the ZIP archive




2. Install muCommander in your chosen directory

By default, the installation procedure installs muCommander in the SYS$COMMON:[muCommander] directory. To install it in dev:[dir.muCommander], use the /DESTINATION parameter of the PRODUCT command.

$ PRODUCT INSTALL mucommander


$ PRODUCT INSTALL mucommander /DESTINATION=dev:[dir]

3. Start muCommander

$ @SYS$COMMON:[muCommander]mucommander


$ @dev:[dir.muCommander]mucommander

4. Parameters Files

muCommander creates parameters files in the SYS$LOGIN directory of the user. It is a good idea to set these files in version_limit=1

$ SET DEF [.^.mucommander]
$ PURGE/LO […]
$ SET DIR/VER=1 […]
$ SET FILE/VER=1 […]*.*

An application may be associated to a file type (for example, XPDF with the PDF files) using the parameters files associations.xml and commands.xml (see the syntax in [.muCommander.samples]).

muCommander : Restrictions under OpenVMS

Java does not know the concept of file versions. Therefore, Delete, Rename or Copy in an OpenVMS directory concerns only the last file version.

Delete, Rename or Copy inside an archive does not work under OpenVMS.

The FTP client of muCommander does not speak correctly with the FTP server of the OpenVMS TCP/IP stack. A workaround should be using a Java FTP serveur (hermesFTP or apacheFTP server) instead of the usual FTP serveur.

muCommander : News


muCommander 0.8.3 port

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