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Free softwares for OpenVMS: netwhistler
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NetWhistler : About

NetWhistler is a network mapping and monitoring tool written in Java and published under GPL. It includes network discovery and diagnostic tools (ping, services monitoring, MIB browser, SNMP trap receiver console, MRTG console…).

Thierry Uso has ported NetWhistler 2.10 on OpenVMS. Porting means modifying NetWhistler in order to avoid “BYTLM exceeded quota” fatal error, testing all the functions, writing a startup procedure and creating a PCSI kit.

NetWhistler for OpenVMS needs Java 1.5.0 or later and must be installed on an ODS5 volume. NetWhistler has been tested on Alpha and Itanium.

Contact : Thierry Uso

Thanks to :

Alexander R. Eremin (technical informations)

NetWhistler : Screenshots

Status view

Options window

MRTG console

NetWhistler : Download

ZIP archive containing the PCSI kit of NetWhistler 2.10 :


This kit is based on the official archive netwhistler-2.10.tar.gz.

NetWhistler : Installation

1. Extract the PCSI kit from the ZIP archive




2. Install NetWhistler in your chosen directory

By default, the installation procedure installs NetWhistler in the SYS$COMMON:[netwhistler] directory. To install it in dev:[dir.netwhistler], use the /DESTINATION parameter of the PRODUCT command.

$ PRODUCT INSTALL netwhistler


$ PRODUCT INSTALL netwhistler /DESTINATION=dev:[dir]

3. Start NetWhistler

$ @SYS$COMMON:[netwhistler]netwhistler


$ @dev:[dir.netwhistler]netwhistler

NetWhistler tries to use fping which has not been ported on OpenVMS. So, replace fping by a custom ping (see screenshot “Options window”) before start monitoring.

NetWhistler : News


NetWhistler 2.10 port

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