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Superversion : About

Superversion is a version control system written in Java and published under GPL. It is an alternative to free solutions (CVS, Subversion…) running on Unix or commercial solutions (CMS…) running on OpenVMS. The stable version (Superversion 1.2) is a standalone and single-user application. The following version (Superversion 2.0) will be a client-server and multi-user application.

Thierry Uso has ported Superversion 1.2 on OpenVMS. Porting means testing all the functions, adapting the source code to correct some failures, writing a startup procedure and creating a PCSI kit. Superversion 2.0 will be ported as soon as there will be a stable version.

Superversion for OpenVMS needs Java 1.4.1-2 or later. It may be installed on ODS2 or ODS5 volume. The project directories must have a “default version limit” equal to 1 and the source files in these directories must be in the Stream-LF format. Superversion has been tested on Alpha and Itanium.

Contact : Thierry Uso

Thanks to :

Stefan Reich (technical informations)
Jean-Yves Bourlès (tests)

Superversion : Screenshots

Projects window

Workareas window

Source files window sources

Superversion : Download

ZIP archives containing the PCSI kit of Superversion 1.2 :

Alpha: free-axpvms-superversion-v0102—
Itanium: free-i64vms-superversion-v0102—

Superversion : Installation

1. Extract the PCSI kit from the ZIP archive




2. Install Superversion in your choosen directory

By default, the installation procedure installs Superversion in the SYS$COMMON:[SUPERVERSION] directory. To install it in dev:[dir.SUPERVERSION], use the /DESTINATION parameter of the PRODUCT command.

$ PRODUCT INSTALL superversion


$ PRODUCT INSTALL superversion /DESTINATION=dev:[dir]

3. Start Superversion




Superversion : News


Superversion 1.2 port
Correction of the “delete project” problem (drjava/superversion/impl/smyle/

To do

Development stopped !!!